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released March 24, 2016

Kate: Drums on all except Falling Apart and Going Downhill
Anna: Everything else
Anthony Stubelek, Mastering



all rights reserved


Femignome Georgia

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Track Name: Teenage Monster
I feel like a teenage werewolf
I don't know what happened to me
I feel my blood start burning
And then I feel the turning

I feel the shiver under my skin
The dark forces are going to win
They swallow up my innocent soul
And then I
I lose control

I am a teenage Frankenstein
I only have pieces of my mind
There are so many people I could be
But I don't know which one is me

I am a teenage vampire
I want to destroy everything
I can be cold and unfeeling
I just want everything to bleed
Track Name: Haunted Night
It was a light night
I didn't sleep well
For 14 hours I dreamed of hell
I was caught in the middle of the house
Then the floor fell away
I came face to face with myself
Then I tore off my face
There was blood everywhere
Then it became fire

A monster tried to devour me
I kicked him and he cried
He told me he was useless
Everybody's pink
On the inside
There was blood from a cat's mouth
Filling up my room
I floated down the river
Then it became fire

The piano tried to bite me
Then the chandelier fell
The skeleton started dancing
There's a decapitated head in the well
All the doors are locked
And the ghosts begin to walk
Slowly towards me
Then it became fire
Track Name: Pretend Friend
I don't really wanna talk to you
I just wanna look at you
I don't really wanna speak to you
I just wanna pretend I do

I talk to you all the time
In my mind
All the time

And I know that's not what you're like

I don't really wanna be with you
I just wanna see you
I don't want to be your friend
I just wanna pretend I am

I don't think you'd remember me
Even if you heard my name
But that's okay with me
'Cause they can't take my brain away
Track Name: Allergic To You
Oh no don't you sit there
You can't take a seat to my right
Oh no don't you sit there you can't
You can't sit there tonight
Because I think I'm allergic to you
I always break out in hives
I think I'm allergic to you
You will never hold me tight
And it's a crying shame
I can't take antibiotics baby
I can't use no creams
There's no cure for this baby
There is nothing that can cure me
Track Name: Your Heart Will Be Mine
Your heart will be mine, it is time
I told you that I can't live without you
I told you that I love you
What do I have to do?
To get you to love me too?
Cut it out of your chest
And give it to me
Track Name: Elephantdachshundman
Did he come from outer space?
Or from the mind of a madman?
Does he have a human face?
Would he bite a human hand?

Oh no no no no no

He was made of science (science ah)
Animals combined (ah ah ah ah)
Not conjured up by magic (magic ah)
He came from a great mind

Elephant, dachshund, man

His skin is leather
He's got the voice of a man
But high pitched and squeaky
He's size of a dachshund
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Track Name: Falling Apart
I went to the dentist today
And he told me I have some tooth decay
So I went home and brushed my teeth
Then they all fell out and went down the sink
I called the dentist
I was upset
But he told me that my teeth would grow back
I only had my baby teeth
Then they all fell out and made an adult out of me

I'm falling apart

I went to my best friend's house
And I saw something moving under the couch
I put my hand under and I heard a *snap*
3 of my fingers never came back
a struggle is something you can learn from
I got 6 fingers and only 1 thumb

I woke up this morning and I looked in the mirror
I said there's something creepy going on here
But I am not the mystery type
I'll figure it out when the time is right
For now I think I'll just stay here
And hope I find my other ear
Track Name: I Hate High School
I hate high school with all of my heart
I can't wait for my life to start
And I hate high school with all of my brain
Teenagehood is full of pain

And I don't wanna feel like this anymore

Because I, yeah, I hate high school

And I hate school with all of my soul
I can't wait to get out of this hole
And I hate high school with all of my self
There's got to be an end to this hell
Track Name: ElectroBear
He flies in a rocket ship
Fall down to the earth
A crash landing
And I've seen the birth
Of ElectroBear
What are you doing here

The most beautiful sight I've seen
In a long, long time

You're beautiful to me
Track Name: Going Downhill
Everything is going downhill
I think I'm going down too
I'm going down too

I wish I could hide away
Inside my brain, inside my brain
I wonder what happened to me?

And I can't sleep, anyway, sleep
I can't find my brain underground
But it's okay
Because I'm drifting away